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Time Atlas

Exploring humanity’s relationship with time.

‘Time Atlas’ explores humanity’s complex relationship with time. Time is an inherent paradox. On one hand, time is deeply familiar with all of us – we schedule and plan our lives around time. On the other hand, it remains the ultimate enigma – how much time do we have to live? How come the experience of time can be different depending on whether we are doing something monotonous and boring or something we love. Time Atlas explores this space across Science, Art, Philosophy, Geography, Religion and Culture. It is revelatory, wondrous, informative but most importantly moving. It looks at common ideas from a unique perspective, which makes the audience revaluate their existence in positive and constructive ways.

Online short form series

Created by Eddie Harran and Brooke Silcox

Eddie Harran

Andrew Suttar a.k.a. Dr. Froth

Eddie Harran is an Australian, American, Japanese explorer, futurist, artist who is known as Dr. Time for his unparalleled, considered and detailed research into humanity’s experience of time. Dr. Time is an alter ego performance, used to help educate people on the nature of time. He has presented in Australia and globally with platforms such as TEDx, ABC National, Purpose and University of Sydney (Business School). In addition to his presenter work, he is the founder of Temporal Labs, a cross-disciplinary research lab in chronosophy (the interdisciplinary study of time). He previously held a four year tenure as Explorer-in-Residence at Deloitte Centre for the Edge, an applied research think-tank investigating trends at the intersection of technology, business, and society. He is a member of the International Society for the Study of Time and World Future Society. Many moons ago, he accidentally found himself on Mongolian National Television talking about his experience of growing up in Australia.