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Bubbleology with Dr Froth

Bubbles are the answer to the universe!

Dr. Froth wants to “blow peoples minds in ways they didn’t know their minds could be blown”.

Bubbleology with Dr Froth is a series which uses the medium of bubbles to explain some of the more fun-damental and complex theories of our universe, in extraordinarily simple and accessi-bubble ways. Its main aim is to educate while simultaneously enlightening, enriching and entertaining audiences. The series will go from the concrete, scientific, objective to imaginative animation. It seeks to incite wonder, awe, intrigue and curiosity in wacky, comedic and humorous ways. It ‘hides’ the didactic elements as kids love to learn and are capable of retaining a lot of information and knowledge but they don’t want to feel like it is anything like school.The series has a strong vision and distinctive design as the program is set in a futuristic laboratory full of colour and design. With just one glance viewers are captivated. In existing in a unique universe Dr. Froth demonstrates how unique our very own universe is. It is gender neutral, charming, engaging and fun and aims to be a shared experience for kids and their parents.

Bubbleology with Dr Froth is a series in development.
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Bubble World VR

A magical, meditative and immersive experience where Dr Froth invites you to put on the bubble goggles and enter into his world of bubbles. We discover the fragility of life. All life can be seen in a soap bubble because it is birthed, it exists and it dies. Dr Froth will take you through atoms and cells, the beginning of life as we know it, to the macro scale of the multiverse. You'll experience economic bubbles, speech bubbles, thought bubbles, biological bubbles and cosmic bubbles as you never have before. You will reflect on how special your unique place is in the world. The experience aims to educate on our 'self bubble' and our 'world bubble' to engender better interpersonal relationships with others, ourselves and the environment.

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Bubble World

Bubbleologist, Andrew Suttar, helps kids create better lives for themselves through Bubbleosophy

Anything is possi-bubble!

Bubbles are everywhere. We all live in a bubble. Andrew Suttar (a.k.a Dr. Froth) discovered bubbles through a high school science experiment and learned that scientists, mathematicians, philosophers, economists, ecologists, biologists, psychologists, architects and artists had all been using bubbles for centuries to enable breakthroughs. Through the high school project, Andrew realised that if the world is made of bubbles, then Bubbleology would help the kid in everyone learn about the world outside of them. If we all live in our own little bubble, then Bubbleosophy might empower people of all ages unlock higher levels of self-awareness and emotional literacy.

This visually stunning, imaginative and sophisticated documentary has as its key rationale a quest to elevate learning for future generations and humanity itself. It aims to ignite a lifelong love of learning in all ages, lift emotional literacy and share very elegant ways of thinking about complex ideas - all with humour and heart.

Feature documentary

Created by Andrew Suttar and Brooke Silcox

Andrew Suttar

Andrew Suttar a.k.a. Dr. Froth

Andrew Suttar a.k.a. Dr. Froth is an internationally renowned soap bubble artist, scientist, inventor, adventurer and proven creative talent. He has 24 years of performance history in soap bubbles and has toured Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia, America and Vietnam. He has performed on opening night for Cirque de Soleil, the UN National School (Hanoi), Vietnamese TV, the Today Show (Australia), Australia’s Got Talent, TEDx Melbourne, creative and innovation conferences alongside Ray Kurzweil and Edward De Bono, a road show for Fanta, invented edible bubbles for Microsoft and consults on soap bubbles in advertising for major brands. He studied Theatre apprenticed to Annie Stainer who worked with David Bowie. He holds the record for the most Popular Science Museum Show ever presented in the southern hemisphere.

He has a Masters degree in Entrepreneurship & Innovation and is the founder of Bubbly (an innovative company offering education, entertainment, products and training with soap bubbles). His life mission is to fix fractured education systems through student-centered curriculum design informed by his Bubbleosophy. Andrew has developed and managed exhibitions for two Australian science museums, he authored a chapter in the book Igniting Brilliance: Integral Education for the 21st Century, he has presented at ImmersED 2018 in Los Angeles, he has appeared on TV, commercials, and music videos, he's presented keynote addresses at teacher conferences and has performed thousands of school shows that students and teachers think are hilarious. He also recently attempted to break the World Record for the most people simultaneously blowing bubbles at a single event with the Melbourne Zoo.

Bubble World VR